The Team

Thanks to the efforts of our Alumni team and community, we are actively hosting events with speakers, organizing after work get-togethers and trips to the surrounding areas.

We are always looking for new ideas, opportunities and input!

If you are an alumni planning to move to the area, or are already here and have any questions, or if you want to join the team, drop us a line at!

The Team

Gianmatteo Costanza (President)

Bringing people together, and empowering them, has always been a deep passion in me. Rooted in the Swiss tradition of civic engagement, I helped found the local alumni chapter in 2011, so we can bring our alumni together, and help build this incredible community of talented, engaged and generous people. As I learned my first day at Hauptgebäude, “Prima di essere ingegneri voi siete uomini”. This rings as true today as during my formative years at ETH.

Ganymed Stanek (Treasurer)

I came to the Bay Area in 2004 to write my diploma thesis at UC Santa Cruz, and then started working on automated vehicles at Volkswagen, Audi, Stanford and now at a startup called Peloton.  After about 9 years here I discovered the annual Ski Weekend from the ETH Alumni and haven’t missed one since.