June 3, 2016: Alumni Florian Michahelles invited the chapter for a visit of the Siemens research lab in Berkeley.

Event pictures.

Siemens Corporate Technology has opened a new research center in Berkeley focusing primarily Web of Things (WoT) – a vision in which physical objects are interconnected via the internet. Because digital objects transmit data, the efficiency of equipment-laden environments such as hospitals, factories, and the energy grid can be improved.

Digitalization is changing the world. And it is changing Siemens, too. From trains to turbines, a vast range of Siemens products generate and transmit data every second. Siemens silicon valley researchers apply their expertise with dedication to make machines smarter and more collaborative. Semantic technologies provide the basis for big data analytics by adding context-rich descriptions about the source where the data emerges.

How can we provide remote maintenance of a wide range of systems?

  • How do we can leverage our size by investing once and building uniform platforms?
  • What should our eco-system look like, what do we provide, what do we get?
  • How can the ingenuity at CT help boost Siemens businesses?

Event Details

Date:       June 3rd, 2016
Time:       7.00pm
Location: 2087 Addison St, Berkley
               (right at Berkeley BART station
               enter through "Jazz Cafe", 2nd floor)

Event Program

Start - 7.00 pm
End - open ended

Join us

  • to learn more about Internet of Things,
  • Future Automation,
  • Web of systems,
  • Human Robot Interaction;
  • hang out with ETH Zurich alums from the Bay area.