Welcome to the ETH Alumni Bay Area Chapter

The place where bay area locals and new arrivals meet and greet, where globe spanning relationships form and where fun and interesting events are hosted.  What connects us is the ETH Zurich, it’s alumni and our friends.

The Bay Area Chapter is still young, and we’re full of ideas. Be part of our community, and get connected with everyone. Sign up to the newsletter below and stay in the loop!

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The Bay Area Chapter

Founded in 2011, the ETH Alumni Bay Area Chapter is the alumni organization for ETH Zurich alumni and friends in the San Francisco Bay area, at the heart of Silicon Valley

Our mission is to facilitate the exchange between academia, business and the broader society. The ETH Alumni act as a bridge between the Bay Area and Switzerland, maintain a lively local network and organize events to the benefit of its members and the broader public, to foster the exchange of knowledge and cultural understanding between our communities.